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Practice Areas

We have attorneys specialized in offering legal advise to companies and individuals, related to the fulfillment of diverse regulations in administrative matter, in order to avoid sanctions and to assure the lawful operation of their activities.


Our practice in administrative law covers increasingly dynamic sectors such as energy, antitrust, telecommunications, transportation and consumer protection.

Specifically in the area of energy, we have attorney who have an active pariticipaction and experience in the development of energy projects, including projects of electricity, gas, oil (hydrocarbons in general) and related to renewable energies.


We have extensive experience in preparing the necessary documents to request and obtain authorizations, licenses and permits required under applicable legislation, as well as to the legal implementation of financing structures for the construction, operation and commissioning of power plants, including the preparation and negotiation of various contracts and project financing and various security packages, among others.

We have ample experience in the preparation and negotiation of contracts related to oil drilling, production measurement and leases, operation and maintenance of production equipment.

We have attorneys specialized in arbitration that have counseled national and international companies involved in commercial disputes in our country.

Our Firm advises all types of individuals and entities in diverse matters implying business operations in Mexico and abroad.


Additionally, our attorneys have ample experience on matters related to notary and registry regulations.

As an independent unit of services, through Mr. Tayatzin Gutiérrez Ramírez, we provide all type of attesting services in commercial matters.


We can record all type of corporate meetings, incorporate any type of corporations, issue certification of facts, ratify contracts, issue certified copies, make requirements, demands for payment and notices of any kind in order to provide certainty in commercial transactions.


Additionally we practice all type of specialized appraisals of physical and intangible assets and we can act as arbitrator and mediator in all type of commercial matters.

We have attorneys specialized in handling labor issues, including individual and collective labor matters, as well as social security and housing matters, and any other matter that involves the interpretation and application of the Federal Labor Law and applicable regulations.


In addition of the foregoing, another area covered by our services in labor law is the related to the qualification of our clients’ personnel regarding to the practical application of the Mexican labor regulations, reason why we carry out seminars and courses for the different levels and areas within companies.

Our Firm has an area specialized on civil and commercial litigation. Our litigation team is integrated by lawyers with extensive training and professional experience.

Our attorneys advise domestic and foreign corporations that need to employ foreign professionals in Mexican territory, as well as foreign individuals who require specific migratory documents and authorizations to carry out business in Mexico.

Our attorneys have ample experience in the handling of all type of cases related to criminal issues, especially those tied to the enterprise scope.

We have attorneys highly specialized in the defense and protection of trademarks, copyrights and, in general, IP rights.